About Chai Webs

Firstly, thank you for visiting my website! My name is Colin Hancock and I have been web designing and developing since I was 12 (now 30). I have held positions in 3 major web design companies over the past 2 decades and have now started my own business in order to further my career and produce work of the highest calibre for my clientèle.

In 2014 I decided to leave my position at a well-established multimedia company in order to pursue a career working for myself. I had become frustrated with the factory-like mentality of many of the studio environments I had encountered, and came to the conclusion that my creative approach to web design would be best practised in my own space. Hence Chai Webs was born.

2 years later and I’m happy to showcase my work on this website. My ethos is simple, to exceed my clients expectations, and for each project to excite & delight it’s viewers. Extremely careful consideration is taken in regards to your requirements, what platform would best fulfil them, and how your website should look to best suit the target audience.

In addition to my skills as a web developer, I am also a highly experienced graphic designer, affording me the ability to design brochures, stationary and other printed materials where the design is absolutely consistent with your existing web presence. My knowledge of a large number of different disciplines allows me to offer businesses the complete multi-media package, without compromising on quality by being forced to work with a number of different companies for different aspects of design.

‘Chai’, without sounding too pretentious, stands for ‘Colin Hancock Artistic Integrity’ as I strongly believe in doing a good solid job of whatever project requires my involvement. I don’t believe in doing things by halves – for an effective web presence you have to be committed to producing the best possible experience for your users, and that is what Chai is all about.


I decided to launch Chai in 2014 out of a desire to create fantastic websites and graphic work under my own brand.


I understand the fundamentals in building a website which is optimised for search engines, and in the ever changing world of google search algorithms, I like to keep my finger on the pulse to know exactly how to cater your site for search engines.

Green and black illustrated graphic equaliser with peak lines

As well as development and design, I also have a great deal of knowledge and experience when it comes to mixing audio. Whether it be a dance track, a soundtrack for a film, or preparing specific sound effects for a certain event, I can aid you in any elements of your project that may involve sound.


Whether its simple GIF animations, or more sophisticated HTML5 canvas projects, I have a great wealth of experience in creating effective web animations. Let me know you’re ideas, and I can advise you as to how we can bring them to life with animation.


I have been developing websites for almost 20 years, and along the way I have come across various puzzles that needed to be solved. This wealth of problem solving experience allows me to have a very varied and wide-angled perspective when it comes to fixing issues and solving problems.

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Industry Experience


Smart Marketing & Media Group Ltd – Web Developer

February 2012 – January 2014

Primarily my responsibilities involves building intricately designed Joomla-based websites, utilizing additional professional components and modules to provide the functionality required for all the different types of unique businesses we work with. These include everything from corporate CMS brochures and blogs, to full e-commerce shops and hotel booking sites. I also handled vigorous quality control testing and bug fixing / problem solving, as well as everyday discussion with our clients to ensure the highest level of service at all times.


Quantum Web Solutions – Web Developer

February 2010 – January 2012

My work at Quantum was in a lot of ways extremely similar to my following role at Smart. Initially I was employed as a graphic designer, but upon displaying my ability as a developer, I began to be utilized much more for website integration and project completion.


Buttermarket Nightclub – Webmaster & Events Organiser 

December 2007 – December 2008

Here I managed the club’s website and all their online promotion. I also designed a vast majority of their promotional materials, managed & promoted events, and handled much of day to day venue enquiries and promotional matters.


Severn Internet – Web Designer

July 2003 – November 2007

During my time in this position I handled all of the company’s website design and graphic design requirements. I also liaised with clients directly in order to produce their websites, and produced a variety of high quality marketing materials for print.

Tools & Software of Choice



Firefox is a powerful web browser which allows for many developmental magic tricks to be practiced. Combined with the powerful debugger ‘Firebug’, I have always found Firefox an invaluable tool in the creation of sites.



WordPress is the gold-standard in open source content management systems. It makes producing websites a joy, and the end results are feature-rich and professional to look at.



Joomla allows you to really create a unique website that can be as utterly bespoke in design and rich in functionality. With an epic range of additional plugins available online, it’s an incredibly platform to build sites on.



Notepad++ is a very simple web scripting application which allows anyone with an understanding of HTML to jump in and manipulate a websites code. With all the modern technologies coming to the web, there is still no substitute for a bit of good old fashioned HTML and CSS.



I use Photoshop every day at some point. It is an essential part of every project, from the initial design concepts, to tweaking graphics for the web, to fine-tuning photographs for printed brochures. An essential part of every web designers arsenal.



Illustrator is essential for producing vector based graphics, whether they be for print or, more recently, for the web. Vector formats are simply the most professional way of spreading your brand and retaining the quality required throughout.



For printed materials, InDesign allows you to pull all the assets and resources together to produce an ultra-refined document, whether it be for print or the web. I have a great amount of experience in using it to produce a professional product.



Although Flash has seen a large and long-needed decline in recent years, it is surprising how much of the internet’s backbone is still driven by it. I have years of experience in producing flash, and more recently, HTML5 animations using the package.